I didn’t realize that I was a feminist until my senior year of college, which was just this past fall. I always found “feminist” to be a dirty word. I had figured that being a feminist was improperly associated with women who were bitter, single, and alone in this great, big world. I realized that my assumptions were wrong once I started cultivating a career instead of just working jobs.


I no longer wanted to climb a corporate ladder the rest of my life. I want to take a Sheryl Sandberg approach at cultivating career, to treat the career realm less like a totem pole-esque ladder and treat it more like a jungle gym. I came out of the Feminist Closet, so to speak, first as an attempt to appreciate the fact that if I really wanted to be brave and strong enough to make a career path,  I needed to dive in headfirst with as much self-love, respect, and admiration for other females paving similar paths.


I have a great amount of respect and admiration for both men and women who strive to promote gender equality for both sexes. Being a feminist is not about being superior to men or believing that men are all dirty, chauvinist pigs. Being a feminist means that men and women should begin on the same playing field in terms of gender. Men and women should be equal.


One of my favorite hashtags on Twitter is #INeedFeminismBecause .  Here are several photos that I found via Twitter, Pinterest, and other Social Media sites which truly resonated with me and I hope they resonate with you as well. This post is dedicated for every person out there who is afraid to come out as a feminist (or genderist, so to speak). The time is now.





P.S. Here are the photos



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