The truth is when starting my organization (Empowering Queens) I was faced with opposition even from those I hold closest to me. I received questions like “Why is the organization only for girls?” and ”Asia, aren’t you afraid people will think you are sexist?” To be honest i was even advised to start an organziation for young boys too. Nobody seemed to understand why I wanted to do this and why it was a program built specifically for girls. Theses intial reactions vividly showed me what a Patriarchal society i lived in and why I really needed to start this organization in the first place. Globally, women and girls are subjected to many forms of abuse and discrimination and although many countries support equal rights for women many are still suffering in silence.

Empowering Queens was designed to help guide young women into becoming confident leaders and by leaders I mean the leaders of Today. Tomorrow and Forever.

I Invest in girls not only because i am a woman but because there is a need. I believe that girls who are given the opportunity to pursue an education and have the resources to become self sufficent are agents of change; not just in one field or another but all fields. I invest in girls because people invested in me. My mother.my grandmother and my grandfather took the time,energy and the capital to cultivate a leader. They didn’t value me any more or less due to my gender. The sad truth is not all little girls have a solid support system. I hope to become a positive role model and teach girls they have the power to define who they are.

I hope to teach them that they can Empower little girls all over the Globe.


This is why I invest in girls ❤


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