Hi I’m Sara. I’m founder of a successful but still growing lifestyle website, Small Chick Big Deals which has been around for two years, it’s also my business. I work a full-time job also in the branding/marketing world. Anyway, did I mention I’m only 24?I graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with Bachelors in Communication with minors in Public Relations & Sociology.  I’ll be a quarter century old this coming November. Being a young lady and professional with a budding business and site has made me grown up a lot and some what faster than most people my age. It’s a gift and a curse at time honestly, more often a gift because of all the opportunities I’ve been given.


It took a while for me to figure out what my first post should be, but I finally decided today it should be about my favorite and inspirational songs as a women in business who is always working and hustling. These songs have also helped me grow a lot since they have come out, they are, Roar by Katy Perry and  Brave by Sara Bareilles. I can relate to a lot of the lyrics of each. For instance, I used to always ‘hold my tongue’ now I say how I feel in a professional manner. I also think I was brave for even starting my website, I’ve met so many other people who have started their own sites since they’ve seen my success. It’s great to have such inspiring songs like this to hear daily too! 🙂

So my advice to you is go ahead let them hear your roar, be brave, follow your dreams– success will follow!


Penny for your Thoughts?

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