You’ve been with yourself all of these years, through thick and thin (literally and metaphorically – we all remember the lovely Freshman Fifteen). Isn’t it time to show yourself some well-deserved, and probably long-overdue, love and appreciation? That adorable cherub we fondly refer to as Cupid is pointing his arrow at you this Valentine’s Day. Here are some suggestions for how to show yourself some extra love:

L is for “Love Yourself”

Pamper yourself for being absolutely fabulous and take time to think about all the ways in which you are wonderful. And what better place to focus on your positive qualities than a relaxing spa? Whether that means enjoying a bath at home surrounded by candles and soothing music or melting at the hands of a professional masseuse, do something special to reward yourself for being such a magnificent human being.

Spa Day

O is for “Open Yourself to New Experiences”

Sign up at that rock-climbing gym like you keep saying you’re going to do, or take that painting class you keep putting off because you’re too busy. Whether you’re a sassy single lady or a busy mom of three rambunctious angels (or both!), you deserve to make time for new hobbies and exploring your creative side. The more fulfilled and satisfied you feel about your personal needs, the happier and more productive you will be able to be in all of your other roles in life.


V is for “Volunteering for a Great Cause”

Volunteering is a great way to help a cause you’re passionate about, meet like-minded people and develop new skills. It’s also about feeling good while doing good. In addition to helping others, volunteering also provides a sense of accomplishment and can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. Find a cause that inspires you so you can inspire others with your passion and positivity.

Volunteers E is for “Enjoy Things You Like”

Celebrate your unique tastes, and just GO! Go to that foreign film festival you’ve been dying to check out. Register for that Thai cooking class you read about online. Take that trip you’ve always dreamt about taking but never thought about going on your own. Explore yourself as you explore the world. Taking time to do things that you love on your own helps you get to know yourself better and love yourself for who you are.

Love Yourself

The best part about all of these awesome activities is that they are not exclusive to doing only on Valentine’s Day. You can take time to show yourself some love any day of the year. As with anything else worth doing, developing a healthy sense of self-love takes dedication, patience and positivity. Learn to love yourself, and be the best version of yourself every day!

If you would like more ideas or want to share some things that you do to make yourself feel extra special this Valentine’s Day, email me at tannia@crescentcityconcierge.com.


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