Take this moment to treasure the friends you have in your life. In our quest to find and cherish our romantic and marital pursuits, we often leave our friends on the backburner. Ladies, let’s take a moment to appreciate both our female and our male friends.


Love of Female Friends

Going through the growing pains of high school and my early college years, I often felt ostracized from other females. I had grown up having more male friends than female friends. I did not know how to make friends with other women. I had felt like when I was friends with other ladies, we were competing for achievements or the affection of other boys.


It was only as I got older and genuinely opened up my heart to other women that I noticed a pattern. I was not actively seeking out other female friends, but I noticed that more females were flocking to me and I was naturally befriending other females as if it were second nature. What was once a foreign and often intimidating venture had become instinctive.


I had stopped seeing other females as the b-word. In order to build a better world for the present and future, I needed to befriend other females. We need and must work together in order to be the best that we can be—for the sake of women’s and humanity’s well being.


Love of Male Friends

My current boyfriend made me promise him that he would not be a piece of meat to be blogged about on the internet, so I am curtailing my Carrie Bradshaw desires as much as possible. However, I will say that before my boyfriend and I started dating, we were friends first. We knew each other for a year before we mutually decided to date and therefore become exclusive.

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The best part about dating my currently boyfriend—let’s call him “The Boyfriend”— is knowing that we have a strong and concrete foundation because we were friends first. When I was going through the trials and tribulations of the unforgiving world of unexclusive dating, I always went to The Boyfriend for advice. He always knew how to be candid, open, honest, and straight-forward with me. He was fantastic at being completely platonic before we just became naturally attracted to each other.


This video explains how to escape the friend zone the natural way among convoluted and forced methods. This video, as humourous and sarcastic as it is, really shows how in order for things to come together, they may need to fall apart first.

I’m also lucky enough to have male friends in my life who I have neither ever dated nor been attracted to—yes, they exist, and they are straight, too! While these male friends are certainly physically attractive and I would heavily endorse them for any dating ventures with other women that they pursue, I am not attracted to them as more than friends. These are the male friends I turn to when I want an honest guy’s perspective. These are the kinds of friends who will simply look at you and say bluntly: he’s just not that into you, so move on.


Thank you to all of my friends: man, woman, and my dog Thor the Labrador. You all mean the world to me. Stay wonderful. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.







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