“Young women, you’re going to be an old woman some day. Don’t worry about it. Don’t sweat it. Don’t worry about getting older. Every era, it builds character.” -Advanced Style

We’ve all hear the old adage that “a woman of a certain age” shouldn’t do this or can’t do that. But why must fabulousness have an expiration date?

Advanced Style is a blog that sets out to prove that women can be, and these ladies indeed are, fabulous at every age. Watch the documentary trailer below, and try telling me you disagree (except you won’t be able to because you’ll fall in love with these fiercely fabulous ladies like I did).

“Definitely in magazines it’s only the young women who are… looking great… and they don’t show older women.” -Advanced Style

The media and market clearly tailor to young women: clothes, music, movies, even anti-aging products use infuriatingly young models in their commercials and magazine ads. (Seriously, how is a 20-year-old model supposed to prove that anti-wrinkle cream works? You’re buying a cream, not a time machine.) It’s no wonder many women begin to feel invisible as they get older.

Advanced Style

“I am dressed up for the theater of my life everyday. I get such a kick out of it!” -Advanced Style

Advanced Style is about women valuing themselves and their desires over society’s opinion about what they can or should do just because they’re over forty. It’s about living your life to its fullest at any and every age. I am woman, hear me roar!

Advance Style

“As we get older, we get better!” -Advanced Style

Take time to appreciate the strong women in your own life, and look to them for inspiration. For me, my mother is a true testament that you can turn your life around at any point in your life. After her divorce, she let go of her preconceived notions of what life should be for a middle-aged, single divorcée with two girls. She took control of her life and dared to dream new dreams. (Note: My mother is not the woman in the photo below.)

Advanced Style

“You can break the rules once in a while. I’m not ready for a convent or anything, so I can wear leopard glasses.” -Advanced Style

I hope to proudly follow in the footsteps of my mother, the Advanced Style rockstars and the many other fierce and fabulous women that are shattering the stigma surrounding “getting old” by choosing to instead get better with age.

Advanced Style

“I never used to tell my age… But now I’m very proud because it took a long time to get there.” -Advanced Style

All photos (except Katy Perry) are from Ari Seth Cohen’s blog: advancedstyle.blogspot.com.
For more articles by Tannia, visit educationconcierge.wordpress.com.


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