Hey Alpha Females, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.


Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak or incompetent. Asking for help shows you’re intelligent enough to identify a problem and recognize that there must be a solution. The fear of asking for assistance relates to how important it is for any woman to be both a mentor and a mentee at some point in her life. The relationship between the mentor and mentee is more important than the label, so know that you may already have a mentor or be that mentor without formally establishing that relationship. If you do, then I congratulate you with multiple high-fives.


If you legitimately don’t have that relationship, then you and I are on that same boat. I’ve been looking for The One my whole life. It’s not a very attractive desire to admit on a first date when you’re 21-years-old, but after a few months of really taking the time to focus on my own well-being, my family, and my friends, I’ve decided that both Prince Charming and King or Queen Mentor can wait. If they’re not out there at this moment in my life, then they will be eventually.


If that day never comes, then here I am in the world. Take it or leave it, because I will not be sitting around and waiting for something that may or may not be happening. There’s not use in forcing any kind of relationship—personal or business. Relationships should develop organically, naturally, and if they develop in that way, the more concrete the foundation of that relationship will be.

So, here it is: 2014. Hello Brave New World. I am girl. I am the girl seeking a mentor, but I know that actively attempting to seek a mentor will be ultimately futile. The best way to attract a mentor is to excel by your own terms, because eventually, your success will attract a worthy mentor since you will be a worthy mentee. This is the importance of being earnest.


Mentors and mentees should be able to cultivate a business relationship that could turn into a lifelong friendship. Mentees should seek advice and feedback on business-related decisions that could translate over into personal decisions. The advice that is sought should be the sort of problem that can be solved and addressed by the mentor. It’s a big world out there, and we cannot trek this Earth alone.


The mentor/mentee partnership is a reciprocal relationship with benefits and responsibilities on part of both the mentor and the mentee. Just like dating or finding the always elusive One, it doesn’t help anyone to sit around and wait for things to happen. You have to make your own dreams come true. If you begin to build your own future, people will flock to you as a source of enlightenment, encouragement, and inspiration.


For now, I will take the time and energy to start making that name for myself. Before I know it, the mentor will come knocking on my door. If you’re really honest with yourself with what you want out of life, eventually, you stop looking for it. The moment you stop looking for it, it happens. Life moves pretty fast, and before you know it, it will be your turn to be someone else’s mentor.






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