I think I’ve found the compromise for Single Stamina and Couple Hibernation Mode.

(See previous #AlphaFemaleFriday Article here:  https://alphafemalesociety.com/2013/12/06/single-stamina-vs-couple-hibernation-alphafemalefriday/)

I found out about BlendAbout after they followed me on Twitter. I was curious as to what this whole Social Dining Network was about, so I dug further and found that I was pleasantly surprised.


BlendAbout is like eHarmony or Match.com for groups who like to eat food. If you like to eat and socialize, BlendAbout is for you! The whole premise behind BlendAbout is that while traditional online social networks focus on creating a valid online presence before eventually—if ever—meeting in person, BlendAbout combines online dating, social networking, real-world networking, and in-person group events.


BlendAbout represents what social media marketing and online social networking should mean. There are so many skeptics with regards to online social networking, saying that they think that it is a waste of time or that it devalues the experience of meeting with people offline. I would say the opposite. I think networking online, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or BlendAbout, should enhance the in-person experience, not take away from it.


One of the most appealing aspects of BlendAbout is the fact that you will get matched with people who have similar interests to you in your nearby area. When you sign up, you are asked about what your favorite cuisines are, your willingness to try new foods, your cost bracket is for spending on meals (under $20, $21-$30, $31-$40, or above $40), your interests for choosing BlendAbout to network (do you want alumni connections? Coffee and conversation? Wine tasting, perhaps?), and activities you do (here’s looking at my Dad who taught me how to golf, ski, and sail for dinner table conversations).


I’m looking forward to whatever new escapades happen from here. Luckily BlendAbout also gives you the option to invite some adventurous fellow foodie friends of yours, so I invited my dear friend and colleague, Sara from SmallChickBigDeals.com who I also write for as a travel and food writer—shameless plug! Hopefully she will join me on whatever foodie ventures will occur via BlendAbout’s Social Dining Network. To both those with Single Stamina and those who are stuck in Couple Hibernation, Alpha Female Society wishes you a happy holiday season full of food, drinks, and merriment during this exciting wintertime. Now go out there and do something new! Cheers!



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