It’s winter. Time to SUIT UP!


I’m also a big fan of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM), in case that wasn’t a complete giveaway for you. Wintertime reminds me of the HIMYM Season 2’s Episode 10: Single Stamina. This is the episode where the main characters, Ted, Robin, Marshall, and Lily are all in what is referred to as “couples’ hibernation mode”. Barney is the only main character in this episode to still have that Single Stamina where he wants to go out sledding while the couples lament that they want to stay in and cuddle because it’s too cold.

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Here’s what Barney Stinson and I have in common besides an impeccable taste in suits and voracious compulsion to share my blog with everyone that I meet: we have Single Stamina during the wintertime, which could be a hindrance during dating. I am that obnoxious person who looks forward to greeting the beautiful morning sun when it is less than thirty degrees outside. I look forward to putting on my silly, fluffy insulated winter jacket and ridiculous fuzzy hat in order to do countless winter activities such as skiing, snow tubing, and sliding on black ice in sheer terror.


It comes down to compromise, whether you’re the single friend at odds with your couple friends or you’re the one who is coupled up and has to deal with that single friend who wants to be taken for walks to the park like a Labrador Retriever. If your friends are not willing to compromise, then you have to do what is best for you. If you want to go ahead and stay in with a warm cup of hot chocolate and  catch up on all 8 seasons of HIYM, so it shall be done. If you want to go on a weekend adventure to Vermont and conquer the slopes at Stowe Mountain Resort, go for it. They have fantastic Apre Ski bars. #TravelTip. Now go have fun this December, wherever you go and decide to have fun.


However, if you’re in the Greater New York City Area, here’s what Barney’s gay black brother and I have to say to all y’all who are hibernating this winter:

Guys! You are young, attractive people here in the greatest city on Earth! There are boys and girls in Nobody Cares, Wyoming wishing they could be here. But instead, they are in someone’s basement drinking bad malt liquor debating whether they’re gonna spend the rest of their Saturday night in the parking lot of the feed store or in some other dude’s basement. You owe it to them to rise up and shimmy your lazy asses into something hot. And you go out there and YOU LIVE THE DREAM! Can I get a hell yeah?

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