I stumbled upon Beate Chelette’s lastest novel, Happy Woman Happy World, at a perfect time in my life. Any young woman’s life is tumultuous in various ways since we are all fighting our own specific battles. As modern alpha females, we are pressured by our family, friends, peers, and society as a whole to be superwomen: not only must we be domestic goddesses, but because of societal advancements in the workplace and community, we also need to be stellar career women. We feel the need to do it all.


                Here’s a tip: you can do it all. Just not all at once.


We are empowered women, but we tend to be unhappy and unsatisfied a whole for two main reasons:

1)      There are no clear, previous examples of empowered women so we have all had to draw our own maps and carve our own paths.

2)      There are few women support networks in contrast to the many support networks that men have had for centuries.

We also fall into a triple paradox of being a modern female.

1)      Female Success Paradox – we need to define what we want to achieve, and life is more difficult when we cannot define what we think success is or should be.

2)      Goal Paradox – we want to attain more, but in the process of attaining more, we also want more. It is a never-ending cycle of dissatisfaction.

3)      Superhuman Paradox – being the loving and loyal wife, perfect mother, inspiring boss, and the riveting homemaker at once.

One of the most important things I learned from Beate Chelette was to treat life like you would as if you were eating a loaf of bread. You do not stuff the whole loaf of bread into your mouth at once. Instead, you need to eat manageable slices. This translates into our lives since in order to feel more balanced we need to set a main focus. Set your priorities and know that “the real struggle is within us” (Chelette, p. 27). The world is yours.


Source: Chelette, Beate. Happy Woman Happy World. Los Angeles: Visualist, 2013. eBook.


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