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Let me talk about a few misconceptions of feminism AKA the post where I talk about how I love men who support gender equality. Yes, I am a feminist. No, I do not hate men. I love the good men, in fact, because these are the kinds of men who respect and motivate me to be myself, think for myself, and encourage me to be a career woman. The whole purpose behind Alpha Female Society (AFS) is to promote gender equality in the workplace and in your personal life. Women and men (and every gender in between) should be able to work together. The point is that women are still being paid less than men in the United States—and elsewhere. AFS is from the point of view of an American college student who is transitioning into adulthood. I don’t want to be stuck in a world where women have to work twice as hard as men just gain respect in the workplace. I’m tired of seeing beautiful, talented, loving women in crappy relationships because they’d rather have scraps than nothing at all. Women deserve more. Women should be able to speak their mind without being seen as a “bitch” for being honest or strong.

Feminine is not Anti Feminist

Here are some quotes from women I admire that sum up what Alpha Female Society is all about:

I don’t think feminism, as I understand the definition, implies the rejection of maternal values, nurturing children, caring about the men in your life. That is just nonsense to me.” – Hillary Clinton 

I agree with Hilary Clinton. As of lately, I’ve been reading the book The Feminine Mistake by Leslie Bennetts which discusses how a strong, maternal, working woman can truly have it all. She can be a strong mother figure while also being a great career woman. You do not have to give up a career to have a family. You can have both. It’s not a fiction or a fantasy. There are real women out there, working to support their family and are some of the strongest women you will ever meet. These women are my inspiration.

Feminist Megara

We all fight over what the label ‘feminism’ means but for me it’s about empowerment. It’s not about being more powerful than men – it’s about having equal rights with protection, support, justice. It’s about very basic things. It’s not a badge like a fashion item.” – Annie Lennox 

Feminism is not about being superior to men. The idea that women are more powerful men would just be another form of sexism. I do not think that men are better than women, and I do not think that women are better men. Both sexes, and everything in between, are equal to one another. The point is that women are still working to achieve that sense of equality in and outside of the domestic sphere. Women must educate themselves and empower themselves in order to achieve equality in all senses.

Women are Human Beings

Some of the biggest advocates for feminism seem to believe that in order to feel powerful you have to make another woman subservient, and that is not what feminism is about at all.” – Tori Amos 

As for this last quote, my hope is that women will not feel the need to bring other women down in order to feel better about themselves. I think it is silly at best and incredibly ignorant and hateful at worst when women seek to tear down other women for no other reason than to project an image of dominance. Women should be working together to achieve their goals. There is no need for women to see other women as competition. We are all in this together, ladies. Let’s make our dreams come true.
What Feminists Do


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