I ran into a male friend on campus the other week who eagerly revealed to me information about an app for girls that I had no idea existed. The young, ambitious business major, who I will refer to as The Banker, revealed the current smartphone app phenomenon: LuLu. I go to Google Search this elusive LuLu. The first hit is a self-publishing website, the second is an online designer and trendy boutique haven, and the third is exactly what we were both looking for. This LuLu is a girls-only app that allows you to rate, review, and view men in your nearby area and from your university. You can even look at men from other universities.

How LuLu Works

Great. So now I know about the guys who have been rated with preset hashtags, the ones who I should beware of because they are the ones who are #GoneByMonring. The Banker has a score of 9.0 out of 10.0. His best features include #MothersLoveHim, #PerfectGrammar, and #SnuggleMachine. His unfavorable qualities, although few in number thanks to his sparkling A- score, are the fact that he is in the #FriendZone and tends to #BurnCornflakes.

Dear Dude LuLu

LuLu is a combination of Facebook, Yelp, and Cosmopolitan. There are arguments in favor of the app, saying that this is an app that is finally leveling the playing field for girls after hundreds of years of discrimination. Now there is LuLu, which lets girls be as superficial and judgmental as boys have been in the past. All in all, I find this app to be pretty creepy. I downloaded it for one night just to let a few of my guy friends know that they have favorable ratings thanks to some girls who have found them to be #GreatListeners  and #BelieversInLove.


The lovely 43 Hashtag Description of The Banker on LuLu. He legitimately has a #4.0GPA.

On that note, if you want to get to know a guy, just talk to him in person. Just like a restaurant review, there will be differences of opinion. 90% of people may enjoy the food and the games at Dave and Busters, but maybe you’re not the kind of person that likes paying $15 for a mojito while playing some adult Chuck E Cheese games. LuLu is a surface stepping stone to getting to know the reputation of someone. Good luck out there ladies. Don’t fall for the guys who #CopulateAndEvaporate.

Pictures Courtesy of https://onlulu.com/ which I can access because I am a female according to my Facebook account.


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